The Stillness of Winter

There is nothing quite like waking up to a dusting of snow here on our farm. It makes our small little farm look like a “Winter Wonderland”. As we feed the animals in the morning, I love walking into the barns and feeling the immediate warmth and the smell of fresh hay. The sheep and goats get up from resting and greet us with a gentle hello. The rabbits have built little burrows in the straw to stay warm and oftentimes are completely covered in straw when we come in to feed. It is quite comical to see the straw shaking for seemingly no reason and then a rabbit pops up out of the burrow. I hope that you take the time to enjoy the little moments of your day and the beauty of the fresh dusting of snow.

Dreams Coming True

We are excited to announce that our dreams of hosting Farm Tours will become a reality in May 2019! There are a lot of exciting things in the works here at Westwind and I look forward to sharing updates with you in the upcoming months!